What you should know about vanilla visa gift card

What you should know about vanilla visa gift card

Summer is coming, good weather, beach time and barbecue. Surely you are thinking that, for this time that is about to come, you can make a small change in your merchandising strategies. With the entry of summer, you can give your customers and suppliers other types of promotional gifts, more in keeping with the weather and with the activities of the new season.

Four gift ideas during the warmer season

Do you need ideas to give to your customers during the summer? Here are four ideal articles for the time. You can discover some of them online (link to outlet), of course!

Beach games, like balls or frisbees. Beach balls (link to beach balls) and other items to play outdoors are a cheap and fun option, enjoyable in any environment and for any age group.

Fans. The necessary complement for open places where they do not have air conditioning. During these hot months, it is one of the star advertising gifts for women. Who does not miss a fan in the bag in those moments when the sun’s rays hit harder?

Portable refrigerators. Another of the star gifts for the summer. Coolers are a must-have on any beach or country getaway to keep drinks cool throughout the evening. Although it might be somewhat more classy than other simpler items, it is an option to consider if you want to surprise your clients or your most loyal suppliers.

Caps. A classic among merchandising items for companies. The personalized cap (link to cap) cannot be missing in any advertising strategy carried out during the summer months. A cheap and useful item in any situation with sun outdoors. Add a vanilla card to make it more choosier gift although, one vanilla balance check and do the needful.

Some factors that must be taken into account before choosing the articles to promote your company are:

Think about the type of gift your customers would like the most: there is no one who knows your customers better than you and those who work with you. You can do a small survey or check which the most accepted gifts were in previous years. With this info, you are able to make a better choice before choosing the most suitable items for the type of clients in your business.

Analyze your merchandising budget: the number of units, the type of engraving and the item must depend on the budget you have for this type of promotion. You can try a smaller budget first, and expand it if the advertising strategy works for years to come, choosing more expensive items or more advanced engraving techniques.

Keep in mind the geographical location: the summer climate is not the same on the Malaga coast as in the towns of the central plateau. An important point is to keep in mind the weather in the places where you will distribute your promotional items. Although, in general, the summer of the peninsula is hot, it is a factor that also needs to be considered.

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